Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Do Again

For the second time I will say, “I do.”  

I’ll say it again, and mean it again,
But without the naïve confidence of youth. 

The first time it was an oath in church
In front of my father, the presiding minister. 
Our families and hundreds of friends
Looked on with pride and sentiment. 
I wore the tux and she the white gown.
We had groomsmen and bridesmaids,
And a trunk full of wedding gifts. 

Tomorrow, at the courthouse,
Just the two of us will stand before
A stranger who will perform the ceremony.
I will say the words again with less drama,
No audience, no music, no solemn oath before God,  
Just a quiet promise offered only to her. 

“I do.”


  1. Congratulations, however I disagree, it is still before God, but the promise is meant for her. God sees all and loves all. May you both find happiness and your future be made with memories filled with Love! Love the Sanford's


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